Big Car Auctions in The States

Attending a car auction is the perfect way to save money on the car of your dreams while checking out a large number of other motors at the same time. Here are details on some of the biggest car auctions in the USA.The Scottsdale AuctionsPeople who have their sights set on a class car are sure to love this fast paced auction, which is held by the Gooding & Company in Old Town Scottsdale. People who want to take part in the auction will need to pay $200 and the fee includes a full catalogue of the cars that are up for auction, admission for two people to the viewing before the auction and two reserved seats for the auction itself. the auction has been held in Scottsdale for the last seven years and never fails to attract a large crowd of classic car sellers and enthusiasts.US Government AuctionsThe US government regularly holds special car auctions at various locations in the USA. The details of these auctions and the cars that are included in them are all provided online, which makes it extremely easy for people to find what they are looking for and research the car in advance. There are many different types of auctions available to choose from, which include the regular impound auction, the seized assets auction and the surplus sale. Because most of the vehicle in these auctions have been turned over to the US Government in arrears or for other reasons, they are often priced much lower than in regular auctions and people who are willing to do their homework can get a real bargain.Arizona AuctionsThese regular auctions showcase classic cars from Europe and feature a large number of special events for auto lovers as well as the chance to bid on cool classic cars. Some of the types of cars that are available to bid on in this exciting auction include the Austin Martin, the Bentley, various different models of Jaguar and the distinctive Rolls Royce. This is also a good time to meet other lovers of European classic cars and have fun in a heart hearted environment.Freemont CaliforniaCar auctions are held at the exhibition centre on Freemont Boulevard every Monday throughout the year from 09:00. Because this is a regular auction, the cars that are displayed are always changing and there is always something new to see and a new hot deal to scoop up. More than three hundred vehicles are usually included in the weekly auction and details of all of the vehicles can be viewed online in advance.California Auto AuctionsThese special and professionally run auctions are reserved for auto dealers and attract licensed car dealers who are in search of a bargain. California auto auctions are held every week at a large number of different locations throughout the state including Nino Way in the city of Los Angeles, Stanford Road in San Francisco, Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento and Cacust Road in the vibrant city of San Diego.