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There are many individuals and families who are less fortunate than us. While various schemes exist to address these situations, car donations can raise a great deal of money that would otherwise not be possible. Of course, millions upon millions of pounds are obtained in such a manner each and every year. What are a few great examples of how such actions can massively contribute to charitable organisations from around the world?Scrap Cars are More than ScrapMany feel that a scrap car is a waste of space and should be destined for the junkyard alone. However, an event in 2011 disproved this myth. No less than 500,000 pounds was raised by an organisation in the United Kingdom known as Giveacar. This was a landmark moment, for it was one of the first times that such an impressive figure had been reached.Young GenerosityIn August of 2014, United States celebrity Zac Effron donated his first car to charity. This emerging heavyweight within Hollywood felt that the vehicle would be better used by the reputable Make-a-Wish Foundation. This organisation functions through donations alone. For every ten dollars placed within the “pot”, the participant receives one chance to win the vehicle. Due to the sheer popularity of Mr. Effron, this caused Make-a-Wish to raise a great deal of money towards life-changing causes.The Knock-On EffectIt has recently emerged that the United Kingdom is one of the top countries in the world that has raised money through charitable vehicle donations. This is an excellent example, for such a status will encourage others to follow suit. As charity is now considered to be quite “fashionable” (without appearing too jaded), the truth of the matter is that we should expect an even greater influx of donations in the years ahead.One of the most interesting things about any vehicle donation is that even older models can frequently be used for spare parts. Obviously, any car given to charity by a celebrity will fetch an extremely high price. This has enabled millions of pounds, dollars and euros to be raised over the years. As the needy continue to require assistance, vehicle donations are a powerful and undeniable tool in the fight against poverty.